Why do I get condensation on my windows

Exterior condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with cool surfaces, such as glass. This type of condensation appears when the dew point in the air is higher than the temperature of the glass.

This occurs when a cool night follows a warmer day, most typically during the spring and autumn seasons.  With the latest Planitherm glass together with Swiss warm edged spacer bar and Argon gas, condensation often forms on the outside of the window pane. This is showing that the window is working properly. Sometimes condensation forms in toilets,  bathrooms,shower rooms, kitchens etc. This is usually because of the lack of air flow and the moisture in the air is condensing on the nearest cold surface. It is good practice to keep the room ventilated by using the night latch on the window lock or opening the trickle vent in the top of the frame if one has been fitted.