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Here at Rodda and Hocking we cannot ask surveyors or fitters to visit in your home because of the Coronavirus threat. We are however still very much in business, if you are in the market to have replacement windows doors or conservatories please do not hesitate to call us on 07976 920046 or email us If your conservatory is too hot in summer or too cold in winter please call us we can either replace or insulate it. With a phone call giving us some basic dimensions we can send you a quote.

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Rodda & Hocking Are Certass Trade Association Certified!

Certass Trade Association

Rodda and Hocking are delighted to announce that they are now officially Certass Trade Association certified installers.

Certass are one of the main bodies who ensure installers meet the highest standards for window installations and door replacements in the UK domestic market.

The Certass certification means that domestic customers can rest assured that installers has a good training record, are assessed in a technical and financial basis and meet the current building regulations, amongst many other requirements.

All of this means customers can have confidence they will be getting a high standard service with peace of mind.

Read more about Certass on their website at

Rodda & Hocking Are Looking For Window, Door and Conservatory Fitters – Apply Now!

Location: Installations all over Cornwall

Job Description: Rodda & Hocking are hiring experienced Window, Door, Conservatory and Conservatory Solid Roof fitters to join our team, based in Camborne but covering the whole of Cornwall.

We are looking for applicants with experience in the double glazing industry and hold a full driving license.

Great rates of pay, both PAYE or self employed available.

To apply call 01209 718002 or email

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Contact Details:
Office: 2 College St, TR14 7LE Camborne, Cornwall
Phone: 01209 718002

Window and Door Fitters Wanted

Did you know that the current Planning Permitted Development size limits for single- storey rear extensions is set to reduce from 30th May 2019?

This means if you’re planning on installing or upgrading a conservatory, the current size allowance for terraced or semi detached dwellings is set to go down from 6m to 3m and for detached dwellings the permitted reduction will be from 8m to 4m.

To take advantage of the current extra allowance your extension must be fully completed on or before 30 May 2019 (*Exclusions apply)

At Rodda & Hocking we handle the complications of planning for you so you don’t have to worry, we have added some more advice on our website at;

You can also contact us on 01209 718002 for more advice and a quote for your conservatory project.

For more information on the planning regulations, please go to;

P Shaped Conservatory Solid Roof Conversion

Here is a recent conservatory solid roof conversion we have just completed. The customers existing P shaped conservatory had an old polycarbonate roof which meant it was cold and drafty in the winter. The property is also high up and has a fantastic view, but this meant the old conservatory was struggling with the harsher weather.

We installed a brand new, thermally efficient solid roof, with tiles to match the existing roof and 3 velux roof windows to ensure the conservatory still let in plenty of natural light. The conservatory is now a quieter, more comfortable all year round living space- whatever the temperature outside!

P Shaped Conservatory


P Shaped Conservatory


Now Installing Ultion locks and Keys – For Ultimate Protection For Your Home

We are pleased to announce we are now an official installer of the latest Ultion high security locks.

The Ultion Lock is one of the best and most secure locks on the market which is backed up by the most stringent leading tests and approval from the best in the business when it comes to locks and security.

The Ultion lock achieves the highest TS007 standard 3 star Kitemark certification and also achieves the extended Solid Secure Diamond Level (SS312), which is certified by the Master Locksmith Association and is used to comply with the high standards required by many insurance companies. The Ultion Lock is also ‘Secured by Design’ Police approved.

Ultion Lock Features

  • £1000 Security Guarantee
  • ‘Lockdown Mode’ to keep intruders out
  • 11 Pick Proof Pins
  • 294,970 Lock Combinations
  • Key Control – Password protected key copy prevention
  • Track Your Keys with your Smart Phone
  • Can be Retro-fitted to your existing door
  • Ultra strong Molybdenum Alloy Core

For more information and a quote on fitting your doors with new Ultion locks, contact us today on 01209 718002, or email us by clicking the button below

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We are a Network Veka National Customer Satisfaction Award 2017 Finalist!

We are delighted to announce we have reached the finals of the 2017 Network Veka Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Out of over 140 installers throughout Britain and Ireland, this award is given for achieving the highest customer satisfaction rates, which is gathered from independent customer feedback ranging from the sales process to the installation and the quality of the products installed.

The Independent Network from Network Veka ensures that customers can trust they have chosen the right installer as members undergo checks for the highest quality standards. At Rodda and Hocking we are very proud to be a member of Network Veka as it helps give our customers complete peace of mind.

Audited Customer Satisfaction Report – February 2018

The following report is a true and accurate reflect of questionnaire responses from our customers.

The information contained within this report has been provided by our customers in order to maintain the highest standards. This data has been compiled from a total of 9 orders between the dates of 01/02/2018 and 28/02/2018.

Summary Statistics

  1. Were the undertakings of the sales representative completed to your satisfaction? Score: 100%
  2. Were the fitters courteous and efficient? Score: 100%
  3. Was the installation completed professionally? Score: 100%
  4. Was your home left free of work debris? Score: 100%
  5. Given that trust is important when letting people into your home, based on your experience would you recommend this Network member to friends and family? Score: 100%
  6. Was communication with the installer satisfactory? Score: 100%
  7. Are you happy with the products supplied? Score: 100%

Overall score: 100%

We are a Network Veka National Customer Satisfaction Award Finalist

We are a Network Veka National Customer Satisfaction Award Finalist



Replacing a Glass Conservatory Roof with a Solid Tiled Roof

We recently completed a conservatory roof replacement for a customer and thought it might be interesting for anyone thinking about having a solid roof fitted to their conservatory to see a break down of what is involved in the installation and the quality of the roof components.

Read on to see how we can transform your conservatory roof with a new solid roofing system.

Step 1: Take Out The Existing Roof.

First the existing conservatory roof is removed and disposed of in a way that is friendly to the environment. This one is a glass roof but often we replace plastic polycarbonate roofs too.

Original Conservatory with Glass Roof
Original Conservatory with Glass Roof


Conservatory roof removed ready for new solid roof
Conservatory roof removed ready for new solid roof

Step 2: GRP Rafters, Waterproofing and Insulation

GRP rafters, sheets and insulation is installed
GRP rafters, sheets and insulation is installed

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) rafters are installed creating the structural frame for the new solid roof. The GRP rafters include a structural ring beam, rafters and ridge. GRP is structurally tested and not prone to wood worm, condensation or rotting like typical timber structures and also is not at risk of cold bridging/sweating like aluminium. It is also very lightweight putting less strain on the conservatory structure underneath.


Next, 100% waterproof sheets are added under the GRP rafters. The sheets are very lightweight (About one third of the weight of plasterboard) and allow for a traditional plaster skim finish ideal for painting.


We use the leading BBA certified Celotex which is the UK’s most popular insulation specialist.

The boards are fitted snugly with a 15mm gap from the waterproof sheets and will massively improve your conservatories efficiency in retaining heat.

Step 3: Outer Sheets

Conservatory Roof Outer Boards
Strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets are added.

Outer sheets are now added which reduce the number of roofing bars and increase the efficiency of the conservatory.

These sheets are very strong, load beating and insulated. They are a structural alternative to plywood and are much lighter than any other type of roofing board.

The sheets also have a 100% waterproof outer covering.

Step 4: Tiling

The final step is to add the tiles.

High quality slate effect Tapco tiles are added
High quality slate effect Tapco tiles to give your conservatory roof a fantastic looking finish

We offer Tapco Slate and Metrotile roof tiles which are lightweight alternatives to natural slate or concrete tiles.

Both styles offer a fantastic finish to your conservatory and there are many colours available to make your conservatory match your property perfectly.

The Finished Conservatory Roof

Here we have the finished conservatory roof. The conservatory is now very energy efficient and looks like a natural extension to the house. We hope this has been useful to any homeowners thinking of replacing their conservatory roofs.

The customer was delighted with the result as were we!

Solid Conservatory Roof with Tiles

Thinking of Replacing Your Conservatory Roof?

If you are looking to replace your conservatory roof in Cornwall, Rodda & Hocking are the authorized distributors and installers of the high quality Leka roofing systems in the South West, which come with a 10 year guarantee and full local authority building control certification as part of our service, meaning you don’t have to worry with the stress and inconvenience of installing a new solid roof. Rodda & Hocking will handle all of the building control certification process on your behalf.

If you would would like some further advice or a free, no obligation quote, ask about our solid roofing system today.

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Don’t fall victim to the ‘cladover cowboys’!

Thinking of replacing your old polycarbonate conservatory roof? Don’t fall victim to the ‘cladover cowboys’!

Replacing old polycarbonate conservatory roofs with new insulated tiled conservatory roofs is becoming much more popular, thanks to the increased energy efficiency they offer with home owners looking for ways to reduce their heating bills and enjoy their conservatories all year round.

A recent article in the Glass and Glazing Products magazine With demand increasing, unfortunately the cowboys are never far behind, so at Rodda & Hocking we wanted to raise awareness in what to look out for to ensure you don’t fall victim to the ‘cladover cowboys’ when looking to replace your old conservatory roof.

The Cowboy Approach

The cowboys will typically remove the old polycarbonate roofing sheets and then cut corners by fixing cheap timber battens directly to the existing aluminium frame, which are too heavy for the frame and structure to properly support them. They then use basic tiles and plasterboard and plaster over the battens to hide the shoddy workmanship.

The problem here for homeowners is that the roof can look almost as good as a professionally fitted, specially designed roofing system, but they will be completely unaware that it’s been completely botched underneath.

The Long Term Cost

Initially, at a fraction of the cost it will seem like the bargain of the century. However, the ‘cladover’ roof will provide virtually no insulation, and when it’s tested by a rain shower you will likely find that the roof will leak, as it has not been specifically designed to fit your conservatory frame.

Lack of Building Regulations

Furthermore, the conservatory will now be classed as an extension meaning it will now fall under building regulations, which the homeowner may be unaware of, until they come to sell the property or if a neighbour reports them to the council.

The conservatory base will then need to be checked to ensure it has the correct footings and the core checked for cavity wall and insulation, and naturally the homeowner will then have to go through the painfully expensive job of making the necessary changes to meet regulations.

How To Avoid The Whole Cowboy Caboodle

So, what can you do to avoid the trap of the cladover cowboys? Here are some ideas on ways to help you avoid the trap!;

  • Check that the new roof meet the requirements of LABC (Local Authority Building Control) regulations,
  • Make sure you will get a building regulations certificate when the job is complete.
  • Look for companies which offer a guarantee on the roofing system
  • Look for approved installers (For example here at Rodda & Hocking we are approved installers of the Supalite solid conservatory roofing systems)
  • Ask to see the components of the roof, a reputable installer will be able to supply a diagram showing you exactly what is inside the roof
  • Request an explanation of the process of replacing the conservatory roof and ensure that none of the above cowboy tricks, such as screwing directly into the existing aluminium frame, are part of the process.
  • Ask to see some photographs or case studies of some recent installations

If In Doubt, Speak An Expert

We hope this advice will prove useful for homeowners and raise awareness of dodgy practices to ensure innocent homeowners don’t fall victim and also to make sure the reputation of good, honest suppliers and installers is not put at risk.

If you are looking to replace your conservatory roof in Cornwall, Rodda & Hocking are the authorized distributors and installers of the high quality SupaLite and Guardian roofing systems in the South West, which come with a 10 year guarantee and full local authority building control certification as part of our service, meaning you don’t have to worry with the stress and inconvenience of installing a new solid roof. Rodda & Hocking will handle all of the building control certification process on your behalf.

If you would would like some further advice or a free, no obligation quote, ask about our solid roofing system today.

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Sources: Glass & Glazing Products Magazine February 2017 (


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