Triple Glazing in Camborne & Cornwall

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Triple Glazing in Camborne & Cornwall

Discover the difference in quality when you choose us for your triple glazing. Our advanced manufacturing facility ensures exceptional durability, and our quoting engine tool makes it easy to get your free online quote.

Thermally Efficient Triple Glazing

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We offer triple glazing for the Camborne or Cornwall homeowner who wants to have the best level of thermal comfort and efficiency. We can help make your home a more comfortable living space with our high-quality triple glazing.

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Experience the freedom of obtaining the products you desire, tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Suited to Your Home

Because we manufacture our own triple glazing, we are able to create them to match the exact specifications that you require for your Camborne or Cornwall property.

Energy Efficient

Keep your Camborne or Cornwall home comfortably warm and your heating bills lower with our high-quality energy-efficient triple glazing.


Although the performance of our triple glazing is important, this does not mean that style is not. We offer our triple glazing in various designs and can also provide our customers with bespoke glass.

Ten Year Warranty

Because of the high-quality materials we use to manufacture our triple glazing and the high-quality service we provide, we are confident enough to offer you a ten-year warranty on your triple glazing.

Customisation Options

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Charcoal Sticks

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Thermally Efficient

Here at Rodda & Hocking, we realise the importance of keeping you comfortable by making your Camborne or Cornwall property well-insulated and warm. This is why we offer triple glazing to our customers.

We also realise the importance of keeping your Camborne or Cornwall home as energy-efficient as possible due to the rising cost of living. As a result of our triple glazing, you may notice a decrease in your heating bills.

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Make It Yours

We offer a wide variety of customisation options for our triple glazed units as we truly believe in the importance of being able to make every little detail suit your personal style and the rest of your Camborne or Cornwall property.

Our triple glazed units are also made bespoke and are tailor-made to fit your exact dimensions and specifications. This results in a flush fit and a professional finish to your triple glazed product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What further customisation options are available for your triple glazing?

Our triple glazing is available as obscure glass to offer privacy for your Camborne or Cornwall property. We also offer Georgian bars in various configurations to meet the design requirements of your home, including grids, horizontal, vertical, and curved bars, and leaded glass, including square and diamond lead in either a lead or gold finish.

For a special touch, consider our window borders. Our patterned borders are available in lead, Georgian bar, stained, and bevelled glass.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing consists of three layers of glass with gaps in between them. Each gap is filled with argon gas, which prevents the cold from travelling between the three panes of glass. Because of the minimal cold transfer, it keeps the cold out of your Camborne or Cornwall property.

What is the difference between double glazing and triple glazing?

Triple glazing consists of three layers of glass, while double glazing consists of two layers. In both double and triple glazing, the gaps between the layers of glass are filled with dense argon gas to minimise cold transfer between each pane.

As triple glazing consists of one extra layer of glass, this acts as an extra layer of protection to minimise cold transfer into your Camborne or Cornwall property. As a result, triple glazing is more thermally insulating than double glazing.

Are there any additional benefits of triple glazing?

Yes, there are! Triple glazing also decreases noise and increases security. Triple glazing helps reduce noise as the three layers of glass create more space for sound to travel through. Because of this, the sound is naturally dampened. Additionally, as triple glazing consists of three panes of glass, it makes it difficult for an intruder to break the glass.

How much is triple glazing?

It is difficult to give an exact price for triple glazing for your property as there are many factors that affect the price of triple glazing. For a quote, we will need to know the size, style, your Camborne or Cornwall location, and any additional information. Please contact us on 01209 718002 or use our online quoting system for more details.

Happy Customers

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