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Sliding Sash Windows in Camborne & Cornwall

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Sliding Sash Windows in Camborne & Cornwall

Discover the difference in quality when you choose us for your sliding sash windows. Our advanced manufacturing facility ensures exceptional durability, and our quoting engine tool makes it easy to get your free online quote.

Smooth-Operating Sliding Sash Windows

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Enjoy the benefits of having the appearance of a traditional sliding sash window while having the benefits of modern window technology. Our sliding sash windows are ideal for Camborne or Cornwall homeowners who would like to add a classic charm to their property.

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Experience the freedom of obtaining the products you desire, tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Energy Efficient

Our double glazed sliding sash windows are not only beautiful but are also energy efficient. Our sliding sash windows may lower the energy bills for your Camborne or Cornwall property.


Our sliding sash windows are available in a variety of colours. Because of this, you can ensure that your new sliding sash windows match the rest of your Camborne or Cornwall home.


Here at Rodda & Hocking, we care about the safety of our customers and their Camborne or Cornwall homes. As a result, our sliding sash windows are built and designed to protect you from any potential intruders.

Ten Year Warranty

Because of the high-quality materials we use to manufacture our sliding sash windows and the high-quality service we provide, we are confident enough to offer you a ten-year warranty on your sliding sash window.

Customisation Options

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Charcoal Sticks

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Our sliding sash windows are engineered to have an easy operating system that makes the experience of using our sliding sash windows much more enjoyable for Camborne and Cornwall homeowners.

The easy-gliding operating system present on our sliding sash windows makes the opening and closing of our windows smooth. Additionally, the upper and lower windows tilt inwards for safe cleaning.


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Made By Us

We manufacture our own sliding sash windows using high-quality materials in our facility in the UK. This is beneficial for not only us at Rodda & Hocking but also for you as our customer.

Because we manufacture our own sliding sash windows, we can overlook the manufacturing process for quality control. Additionally, we will be able to cater to certain customisations you request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What further customisation options are available for your sliding sash windows?

Our sliding sash windows can be fitted with a variety of handles in different colours and styles so that you can select one to suit your Camborne or Cornwall home. Additionally, they come with a range of customisable accessories, including letter plates, locking systems and spy holes.

What is a sliding sash window?

A sliding sash window consists of two framed window sashes, with one sitting in front of the other. These window units sit in frames with vertical grooves that allow them to move up and down.

Sliding sash windows do not have hinges and do not swing outwards. The sliding feature is practical to use when opening the window in a confined space. Because of this, sliding sash windows are particularly useful for properties that have limited space outside the window.

How do sliding sash windows work?

The two sliding sashes that form the sliding sash window are able to slide up and down by using a pulley weight mechanism and vertical grooves. This mechanism is located inside the window frame. When a sash opens, the weight counterbalances with a weight located inside the window frame.

What is the sash of a window?

The sash of the window is the part that holds the frame of the glass in the window. In sliding sash windows, the sash is the part of the window that moves up and down. In other windows that are not sliding sash windows, the sash is still the part that holds the frame of the glass in the window.

How much are your sliding sash windows?

It is difficult to give an exact price for your sliding sash windows as there are many factors that affect the price of a sliding sash window. For a quote, we will need to know the size, style, your Camborne or Cornwall location, and any additional information. Contact us on 01209 718002 or use our online quoting system for more details.

Happy Customers

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