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What Value Does a Conservatory Add to Your Home?

What Value Does a Conservatory Add to Your Home?

A recent survey conducted by SellingUp.com shows that 70% of prospective home buyers said that when looking for a new home, a conservatory is right at the top of people’s wish lists.

In a survey of more than 2000 people looking at which features of a property would make it more desirable to purchase, after size, location and condition, conservatories and double glazing were regarded as the next most important considerations when purchasing a home.

What value might a Conservatory add to my Home?

Leading home improvement experts suggest that a conservatory costing between £4,000 and £10,000, done correctly, could increase value by five per cent – an average of around £15,000. Some experts suggest the right looking conservatory can even increase value to seven percent.

How do I choose the right conservatory?

To get these returns however, you have to ensure that you avoid a cheap conservatory which looks like it has just been “bolted on” to the property. To ensure maximum value from your investment, you should choose a conservatory style with matches the rest of the house.

For example, if the wall adjoining the conservatory is built with red bricks, a matching red brick base to your conservatory will match it to avoid it looking out of place. Be careful of floor to ceiling glass all around your conservatory as it may appear more like a greenhouse.

Another tip is to enhance the feeling of space by installing a large doorway between the house and conservatory, and installing the same flooring as your downstairs living area throughout the conservatory. This ensures that the conservatory feels like part of the house.

Energy Efficient Glass Is a Big Selling Point

Choosing thermally energy efficient glass for your conservatory is a wise choice. With latest glass technologies the loss of heat through a conservatory today is minimal. At Rodda and Hocking, we use Planiterm Total + with Argon Gas, which offers up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing.

Install Solid Conservatory Roofs For Even More Added Value

Conservatories are most commonly known to have glass roofs, which are a great way to bring more light into the room. However, solid conservatory roofs are becoming much more popular, which make your conservatory look more like a full extension rather than a conservatory.

Solid conservatory roofs are also more energy efficient and can transform conservatories into all year round living spaces which resist drastic temperature fluctuations.

We have more information about this new technology on our dedicated conservatory solid roofs page.

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