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Things to consider when buying double glazing.

Things to consider when buying double glazing.

1. Getting an honest quote.

Over the years the double glazing industry has been plagued by fly by night operators. Fortunately the industry has undergone considerable change in the last few years, but the purchaser still must remember “Caveat emptor” or “let the buyer beware.” There are still rogue traders and totally incompetent installers out there.

Firstly always but always get 3 or 4 quotes, and by that insist on a written quote sent on company headed paper. Beware the salesman who insist on both husband and wife or both partners being present at the initial sales meeting. When they do this it is because they will want to measure, price, and get an answer there and then. This salesman doesn’t want to give the customer the opportunity to get other prices from competitors. To do this they will invariably come up with some kind of offer that is only available NOW. The quoted price will usually be inflated with a special discount that you the customer should be so lucky to get. If you resist, this salesman will then usually ask to phone his manager to see if he can give only you another special offer. But again in order to take advantage of this special price you must decide NOW. If anyone tries to do this show them the door. Companies who employ these tactics are usually the ones who use door to door canvassers or make telephone calls to make appointments using the excuse that they are in the area only for a short period of time.

When you have your quotes in place then carefully take your time to decide which company you would prefer. Remember the cheapest need not necessarily be the best choice. The best product badly installed can give all kinds of problems. Once you have your prices in, check the installer, have they been recommended, have you seen any of their installations, have you visited their business premises or showroom to see what windows and doors you are getting. Never make the decision to spend thousands of pounds by simply looking at a brochure or a small sample window frame. Go to the showroom and satisfy yourself that you will be happy with their products in your home.

2. Check the company

Go onto their website check their reviews on the internet, go to installation forums to see what other customers think of their services. By law all installation companies must give ” not just offer” an Insurance backed policy on their guarantee. At Rodda and Hocking we also insure our customers deposits and all stage payments in the case of conservatories.

Since October 2012 it has been the law to install a minimum C grade window, at Rodda and Hocking we install A rated windows as standard.

Since July 2013 it has been the law to only install window products that have been tested and comply with all European legislation and have a relevant CE marking. All products must have passed a Declaration of Performance, and a copy of this certificate must be available for inspection on the companies web site.

Since July 2014 it has been law that windows and doors can only be installed by fitters who have been tested and passed a Minimum Competence Examination.

Needless to say Rodda and Hocking are fully compliant and we hold our own licences for A and B ratings and our own CE certification. To achieve these qualifications takes a great deal of time and money. The administration and professionalism of the running of the company are inspected thoroughly. Rodda and Hocking Ltd. also have Network Veka certification. The majority of double glazing companies do not. They piggy back on the certification of their suppliers. Needless to say all of our fitters are fully qualified, copies of their individual qualification certificates can be inspected at our offices if required.

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