Thermal Imaging of Rodda and Hocking window installation

See the fantastic heat loss reduction in one of our recent Rodda and Hocking replacement window installations.

The thermal images are pictures of the infrared radiated heat, lost through the windows, doors  and fabric of a building. The example here is of a house in Truro where we replaced the existing uPVC double glazed windows on the first floor with our Rodda  and Hocking replacement Veka uPVC frames glazed with Planitherm Total Glass and Argon filled. As shown in the picture the heat lost through the new windows is virtually nil, whilst the old windows show a considerable heat loss.The windows on the ground floor are the original uPVC double glazed installed some years ago. This proves how all double glazing is not the same and our latest windows will definately make a marked difference to the comfort of your home as well as reducing heating costs considerably.

Click on this link to view Thermal Image