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The benefits of uPVC

The benefits of uPVC

The Benefits of uPVC

uPVC Windows have many, many benefits which are much publicised, along with a few that aren’t quite so well known.

VEKA plc is an industry leader in PVC-U design innovations and to qualify to join Network VEKA, companies must use quality VEKA products. Committed to customer satisfaction, VEKA developed the sought-after Matrix Fully Sculptured System in 2004. Soft, delicately bevelled and beautifully understated – this type of frame brings out the best in any home.

PVC-U is extremely low maintenance, requiring only a very occasional wipe with warm soapy water. It is also incredibly energy efficient. Unlike timber, your PVC-U home improvements will never need to be repainted, they will not swell and stick and they won’t rot, warp or crack.

As an industry-leading manufacturer, VEKA now supplies Network VEKA with technically advanced PVC-U window systems which offer a host of benefits, including:

Minimal maintenance – No sanding, painting and varnishing, just an occasional wipe over with warm soapy water and a spot of oil on the hinges where needed.

Stylish good looks – PVC-U Fully sculptured and bevelled upvc windows are virtually indistinguishable from the finest soft and hardwood timber frames, but entirely resistant to splitting, warping and insect attack.

Impact and weather resistance – Impact-modified PVC-U profiles can withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at them

Strength and rigidity – All VEKA windows offer exceptional strength and rigidity thanks to their innovative multi-chamber design.

Security – Security features are built into VEKA’s windows at the design stage, rather than bolted on as an afterthought.

Energy efficiency – VEKA’s was the first window system in the UK to be granted an ‘A’ on the BFRC rating system. By 2016 every new domestic property in the UK will need to have ‘A’ Rated windows, the highest level of energy efficiency.

Thermal properties – PVC-U is a poor heat conductor, making it ideal for double glazed or triple glazed window surrounds. Very little heat is lost through the frame itself.

Sound reduction – The installation of PVC-U double glazed or triple glazed windows will dramatically reduce the volume noise generated by traffic, aircraft or noisy neighbours.

Condensation – Quality PVC-U windows help to eliminate the cold bridge which can lead to condensation problems.

Longevity – Second generation PVC-U windows from VEKA will continue to look good and perform flawlessly for decades.

Fire safety – PVC is non-toxic and meets all international health and safety regulations. It is inherently difficult to ignite and stops burning as soon as the source of heat is removed.

Value adding – High quality PVC-U windows are likely to add substantial value to your home. They will improve visual appearance, security, energy efficiency and provide effective thermal and sound insulation.

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