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Rogue Traders: How to avoid the trap

Rogue Traders: How to avoid the trap


You would be surprised how easy it is to fall foul of rogue traders when buying new windows and conservatories. Robert Kerr of Rodda and Hocking explains how to avoid the trap.

Robert and his team have become a well-known brand in Cornwall, and over the last 30 years Rodda and Hocking have installed over 20,000 windows and 1,000 conservatories – so it’s safe to say they know their trade.
Robert explains that he’s still seeing far too many rogue traders in operation. The good news is that a couple of simple-to-follow steps can help reduce the risk, according to Robert.


First of all, he says, make sure you get three or four quotes, and insist on a written quote sent on company headed paper. Also, Robert advises that you need to be wary of sales people who insist on both husband and wife or both partners being present at the initial sales meeting. When they do this, he says that it’s usually because they will want to measure, price, and get an answer there and then. This salesman, explains Robert, doesn’t want to
give the customer the opportunity to get other prices from competitors.

“To do this they will invariably come up with some kind of offer that is ‘only available now’. The quoted price will usually be inflated with a special discount that you the customer should be so lucky to get. If you resist, this salesman will then usually ask to phone his manager to see if he can give only you another special offer.”

He goes on to add that with the advent of online reviewing, you can go onto a company website and check their reviews on the internet, or go to installation forums
to see what other customers think of their services.
By law all installation companies must give an insurance-backed policy on their guarantee. Rodda and Hocking also insures its customers’ deposits and all stage payments for conservatories – it’s always
better to be safe and this rigorous approach ensures that customers feel confident that they’re being well looked after.

Words by: David Gray of Cornwall Living

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