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Rodda and Hocking Ltd. 100% customer satisfaction awards

Rodda and Hocking Ltd. 100% customer satisfaction awards

Once again our team have pulled out all the stops  to put customer satisfaction at the top of the agenda.


Firstly, we DO NOT  pester people into making appointments by telephoning or knocking on doors

Secondly we DO NOT employ commission only sales people who`s only interest is to get your signature on a contract and will promise anything to do so.

Thirdly we DO NOT offer spurious special discounts that have simply been added to the basic price to appear to give 50%  to 70% off.

Fourthly we DO NOT suggest to the customer when selling a conservatory that the customer arrange for the base to be built “To keep the cost down” Truth is they don`t employ their own team of groundworkers and always have to use sub contractors if they can find any at short notice.

What we DO is

We only go to see customers who have asked us for a quote

All our representatives are salary based and do not stay in peoples houses for hours on end trying to get them to make a decision.

Every customer is sent a free no obligation quote in the post

Every contract is completed by our own fully trained and qualified team of ground workers and installers.

Every customer is contacted by independant auditers to get feedback on our services.

Once again we have had another 100% customer satisfaction award with every single customer in the last quarter marking us as excellent in every single category.

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