GGF Conservatory Installer of the Year 2012 Finalist

GGF Conservatory Installer of the Year 2012 Finalist

Rodda and Hocking Ltd

G12 Finalist – Conservatory Installer of the Year 2012

Winning a silver award in 2010 for the design and installation of conservatories would have been accolade enough for most small companies. But now Cornwall based Rodda and Hocking are proud to be nominated as a finalist for Conservatory Installer of the Year. 

The Cornwall based company have, despite the economic gloom that has dogged the country for the last 3 years, gone from strength to strength, and turnover has grown year on year. Director of the company Bob Kerr, when asked what was the reason for their continuing success, had no hesitation in saying “customer service.” That attention to customer care and satisfaction has certainly paid off, and Bob praised staff for their professionalism and good work. “ The recession in some ways has been good for Rodda and Hocking, with many householders investing in their property rather than moving.

The increase in the conservatory market has been a major reason for the companies continuing success. We are fortunate to be able to provide the complete package for our conservatory customers and that includes employing our own ground workers. So many conservatory companies suggest that the customer should get their own builder to lay the base or subcontract the ground works out to whoever they can find. By having our own crew we can control the complete installation from start to finish.”

That attention to detail has certainly paid off, because the company has again been presented with a Gold Award Commemorative plaque by the Consumer Protection Association for its high level of customer satisfaction. The association audit every installation carried out and Rodda and Hocking have an outstanding record with over 98% of customers saying that the company were very good or excellent, with not one customer saying they were dissatisfied. We also send out customer satisfaction feed back cards to all installations and these results are uploaded onto our website weekly.

Rodda and Hocking with the opening of its second conservatory showroom in June, are looking forward to yet another record year.


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