Composite Stable Doors Supplied and Fitted in Cornwall

Composite Stable Doors are made up of a variety of materials including wood, PVC, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic. The combination of these materials means a composite stable door is very strong and can be more aesthetically pleasing than a full uPVC stable door, with textured finishes and more colour options available.


Composite Stable Doors are easy to maintain, there is no worry of fading, cracking or warping as you can get with timber doors. Composite stable doors can be easily cleaned by simply wiping over them with a cloth. They also don’t require repainting or coating, unlike timber stable doors. The finishes of our composite stable doors have been extensively tested in Europe for more than 10 years, and feature an advanced coating system that has been proven resistant to most weather conditions, including salt water/air corrosion, which is handy for homes in Cornwall.


Composite Stable Doors come in a larger range of colours compared to uPVC stable doors, meaning you can create your stable door to match the look of your home perfectly. You have the choice of striking colours and woodgrain effects giving your stable door that unique touch.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of our Composite Stable Doors is they are much more energy efficient than traditional timber stable doors and also more efficient than a standard solid timber core composite door. The reason for this is Composite stable doors are fully reinforced with a variety of different high density core materials providing maximum thermal efficiency and acoustic benefits.


Composite stable doors are slightly more expensive than uPVC stable doors but are still great value for money due to their enhanced quality and durability.