Georgian Conservatories in Camborne & Cornwall

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Georgian Conservatories in Camborne & Cornwall

The Georgian conservatory features a flat front and a symmetrical square or rectangular shape with a high, sloping roof. The symmetrical and angular shape of the Georgian conservatory makes it ideal for laying out furniture and plants with no wasted space. The high, sloping roof and vaulted ceilings allow the Georgian conservatory to fill with light, creating a bright and airy space in your Camborne or Cornwall property.

Energy Efficient Georgian Conservatories

Get Your Designs

Although you can add your Georgian conservatory onto any building, this style works best with existing Georgian buildings in Camborne or Cornwall. This usually consists of red-brick houses with white woodwork and white-stone cornices.

Extend Your Home

By adding a Georgian conservatory to your Camborne or Cornwall property, you are choosing to extend your home. Because of its efficient insulation and durable structure, our Georgian conservatory will feel more like an extension of your home.

Additionally, due to superior insulation we provide with our Georgian conservatory, you will be able to use your conservatory all year round without having to worry about it being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

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Further Customisation

We offer numerous further customisation options for your Georgian conservatory. We can provide cornices that are curved or one-, two-, or three-tiered that are available in four standard colours and any RAL colour. Our super-insulated columns can also be added to your gable conservatory in different colours, panelling, and sizes for more warmth.

Our conservatory roofs can be designed with larger spans and door openings and come with different glazing options, including shaped, side-shaped, and full-length panels or a combination of all three. We also offer performance glazing that has a 1.0 W/m²K U-value and high or low light transmission and solar rejection depending on how much sun your gable conservatory gets.

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Range of Conservatory Roof Styles

View our range of conservatory roofs, compatible with all of our Architect Designed Living Spaces and find the perfect solution for your home.

glass roof

Glass Roof

solid roof

Solid Roof

tiled roof

Tiled Roof

flat roof

Flat Roof

lantern roof

Lantern Roof

Customisation Options


Harvest Brown


Carbon Grey


Terra Brick

Get 3 FREE designs in 2 simple steps.

Find the perfect living space for your home with our user-friendly conservatory contact form. No matter what design you’re looking for, you can find the ideal designs for your home with our services.
Step 1

Select Your Favourite Designs

Select your favourite designs, send us a photo of the back of your home, and we’ll send you three personalised living spaces superimposed onto the pictures you send us.
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Step 2

Choose Contact Method

We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us for our living space designing services. Whether you prefer to message, email or call, you can choose the right method for you below.
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Enter Your Details

As you’ve selected to request a call or email, we’ll need some additional information from you to start the design process.
Final Step

Thank You! We’ll Be In Touch Shortly

Thank you for submitting your request. We look forward to working on your dream living space project with you.

What Happens Next?

Picking your favourite designs is just the start of your dream living space. Now that we’ve received your contact request and favourite designs, we’ll be in touch to assist you with our superimposed images. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose Us?

Since 1982, we’ve developed a knack for high-quality work, with even higher quality customer service, so you’ll never need to worry when you’re with Britannia.

See Our Before & After

Want to see how we can transform your old conservatory? View our before and after photos here!
ISO 9001
Made in Britain
National Warranties
Sabik Marine

Available Online, In-Store or At Home

Experience the freedom of obtaining the products you desire, tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Internal Pelmet

Our conservatory roofs consist of a vaulted ceiling and have an internal pelmet around the perimeter. This provides a space for you to install lights or speakers in a living space that is usually difficult to light.


Our conservatory roofs have been tested by Exova Warringtonfire to ensure compliance with fire safety. Our conservatory roofs also fully comply with the latest Building Regulations and have been pre-approved by Assent and JHAI.

Energy Efficient

Our decorative super-insulated columns provide high levels of comfort and have a U-value of only 0.15 W/m²K. Our slimline ridges are 30% slimmer than traditional ridges and come with high-performance thermal breaks to prevent cold spots and condensation.

Structural Integrity

Our conservatory roofs are BBA-approved and come with a 25-year life expectancy certificate. They have been wind-tested at speeds of up to 130mph and fire-tested by Warringtonfire. Our tiled roofs are also capable of withstanding up to 4m of unsupported bifold or sliding doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Georgian conservatory?

A Georgian conservatory usually has a rectangular shape to maximise the floor space. Georgian conservatories are popular in Camborne and Cornwall as their symmetrical shape makes it easy to not only decorate them, but to also utilise them as a practical living space.

What is the difference between a Georgian conservatory and an Edwardian conservatory?

Although Edwardian conservatories also have high-pitched roofs, Edwardian Conservatories are more angular in their shape than Georgian conservatories are. On the other hand, Georgian conservatories have a more shallow roof pitch and are contemporary in style. Georgian conservatories also tend to lack the enhanced clean and angular lines that Edwardian conservatories possess.

How much are Georgian conservatories?

It is difficult to give an exact price for your Georgian conservatory as there are many factors that affect the price. For a quote, we will need to know the size, style, and any additional information. Contact us on 01209 718002 or use our online quoting system for more details.

Happy Customers

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