Complaints Procedure

Complaints Handling Procedure for Rodda and Hocking

  1. Policy
    1. We recognize the importance of customer complaints and welcomes them as valuable form of feedback about our service. We will learn from and use the information gained from complaints to help drive forward improvements and to respond positively to our customers needs and expectation. We want to resolve all complaints quickly and effectively. Our aim is to resolve any problems straight away where possible.
    2. Complaints are accepted in all formats: In writing, whether it’s by letter, email or fax, Over the phone, In person
    3. Our Complaints procedure does not affect customers statuary rights as a consumer.
    4. All complaints are dealt with in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy

2.00 Procedure

2.1 Informal Resolution

  • Make a detailed note of the customers complaint. The Office Manager Wendy Hollands-Moon will record on the complaints log and pass it to the Installation Manager
  • Immediately forward complaint to the Director Mr Robert Kerr.
  • Acknowledge receipt within 48 hours via and telephone call or post or e mail informing the customer of receipt of complaint and set a date by which the complaint will be resolved by the Office Manager Wendy Hollands-Moon
  • Act to resolve complaint immediately by the Office Manager
  • If it cannot be resolved immediately, inform the customer of reason why and indicate date to resolve the complaint by the Office Manager Wendy Hollands-Moon
  • Resolve complaint to customer satisfaction or provide an update within 14 days from the previous communication by Director Mr R Kerr
  • Once resolved. The complaint along with the resolution is recorded and should be presented at management monthly team meetings by Director Mr R Kerr

2.2 Formal Resolution

  • If a complaint has not been resolved or the complainant is still dissatisfied. The complainant shall be kept informed by the Director Mr R Kerr

2.3 Ensuring Resolution

  • If the complainant remains dissatisfied the company may involve the GGF’s conciliation service and provide details of the complainant together with full details of the nature of the complaint and all the documentation associated with it

    Conciliation Officer
    The Glass and Glazing Federation
    40 Rushworth Street
    SE1 0RB


    Please Note: Where a complaint is received and dealt with by the close of business following the day of receipt of the complaint the above procedures do not need to be followed. However, a record will be made and kept of the complaint and its resolution.